Let’s talk about traditions

As the holidays are approaching, I cannot help but think about all of the great traditions my family has and the delicious foods we eat together during this time of the year. So, I thought I’d list some of my favorite foods & moments here for you …. in random order.

1. My grandmother’s Christmas cookies.

The recipe for the cookies has been in my family for generations and I wouldn’t ever give it away! But I will discuss the icing 🙂 All it is is a combination of orange juice and flour. Throwing in some food dye to match the traditional colors of Christmas is a great way to get more festive! The cookie, for me, reminds me of my family but particularly my grandmother. Every time I’m home around the holidays, my mother, grandmother and myself make them together. It’s great bonding time for the three generations and I know my mother and grandmother miss not being able to bake together while I’m away.

2. Biscuits during Thanksgiving 

They’re nothing more than Pillsbury biscuits but I swear to the Almighty God that they’re the greatest thing that man has ever made. My cousin on my father’s side has them with dinner every year. Have you ever smeared butter on a warm Pillsbury biscuit, taken a bite, followed by a bite of tender turkey? IF the answer is yes then you know what I’m talking about and if your answer is no, stop reading this and go get Pillsbury biscuits NOW. The biscuits have become a joke in my family. They clearly take little to no effort to make yet everyone at the dinner table salivates over them. It’s funny how the simplest things (like a stupid biscuit from Pillsbury) can create a bond between people. I literally do not think of Thanksgiving at my cousin’s house without thinking about those stupid biscuits.

3. Decorating the Christmas Tree

This is a tradition my mother and I started when I was much younger. Living together in a small apartment, we wanted to do something that would be fun for Christmas. So, my mother thought it would be a great idea to string popcorn and cranberries on our Christmas tree. And you know what? She was right. Every year the women in my family get together to string the two ingredients and place them on our tree. We eat food, drink wine, listen to Christmas music and laugh with one another. It’s a great bonding moment for us women and I’m incredibly grateful that my mother came up with the idea. Also, who doesn’t love a little wine and popcorn on a Saturday afternoon?

I’m always looking for new traditions to add into my holiday festivities. What do you do that’s important and meaningful to you during the holidays? I’d love to know.

Until next time,



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