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This dog is perfect

This is a perfect distraction to the Monday blues. What’s better than looking at photos of a dog balance a bunch of things on its head? Nothing is, that’s what. Seriously, I don’t think I could balance half of the stuff that this dog balances. Kudos to you, dog.

Kids these days

My mind is blown away at the things that go on in children’s heads. I’m so interested in the way kids think and their lack of filter. I often wish I could be as uninhibited as children are. However, as we age, we obviously have to adhere to certain societal standards that children don’t have to.

Euphegenia Doubtfire

Are you sitting? Because Mrs. Doubtfire came out 20 years ago. In honor of the timeless movie, Buzzfeed put together a post filled with the nanny’s best quotes from the movie. My favorite line in number 2.

Facial Expressions

Ever wonder why we laugh, cry and smile? This Buzzfeed video gives a quick and easy to understand video with answers!

Ariana GrandeĀ 

Ariana Grande’s performance at the AMAs just might have been the best of the night. It was soulful, stripped and full of raw talent. I’ll definitely be watching this on repeat for the next week.


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