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Bound 2

I’ll obviously start this off with Kanye’s newest visual stimulation Bound 2. The video features green screens, horses and cliffs … not to mention a topless Kim Kardashian looking more soulless than ever. His performance of the song during the Yeezus tour was great. However, myself along with much of America is having a tough time figuring this one out. For someone who constantly mentions his creative genius and rants about peoples’ inability to take his creativity and art seriously, Kanye really is asking for it with this video. With that being said, I just found this link, explaining the progressiveness of the video. I don’t know if I agree or not but I do find it interesting.


Breaking News – Kim K. is an asshole

This is the last time I’ll be mentioning the Kardashian Klown (see what I did there?) Apparently Kimmie cares so much about those affected in the Philippines that she set up an auction on Ebay. A portion of the funds were to be donated to the International Medical Corps. How much of a portion, you ask? A whopping 10%. That’s right, the woman who is worth about $40million decided to auction off high to low-end items (some of her own Kardashian Kollection fyi) and keep 90% of the profit. This is certainly does not look good. I seriously doubt Kris had anything to do with this.


The  Son of Concorde

For someone who as legitimate airplane anxiety, I’m shocked at how exciting this is to me. Boeing, Gulstream and NASA are currently working on a new supersonic plane that has been nicknamed the Son of Concorde. The plan would be able to from London to Sydney in just 4 hours. Can you believe that? One of the biggest problems they have to overcome is the noise that supersonic planes create. It’s the reason why they haven’t been allowed for commercial use … flying over communities has proven to be incredibly distracting. Bad news bears – the plane won’t be ready to fly passengers until at least the start of the new decade. Good news – this is a thing that is definitely going to happen. Going from New York to London in 3 – 3.5 hours? You couldn’t make me any happier!!!

A new meaning to Nail Art

The artist, David Foster, has taken nail art in a completely different direction. He has composed the portraits  through nails. His portraits contain anywhere from 5,000 to 35,000 nails. The subjects of his art include Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela and an elephant (among others of course).


Bullet Point Mania 

As someone who loves making lists, I loved loved this article. Hold your pants, it’s an article that discusses why list making is so great through A LIST. Is there any better feeling than checking off or slashing a line through a completed task? No. The answer is just no. There isn’t anything better than that.


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