Bound 2 Kanye – A review of the Yeezus Tour

Sunday night I went to see Kanye West at the TD Garden with a friend. Yeezus was a non-stop adrenaline rush that was filled with good music, a screaming crowd, and energetic performances by Kanye. Considering he made himself busy beforehand, I was really impressed with everything I experienced. I’ve never been one to toot his horn, in fact, I used to despise Kanye’s music. However, the show was one of the best I’ve ever seen. From On Sight to Bound 2, Kanye poured his soul into each song.

The show was divided into five themes, with a above the stage providing a definition of each word used to describe each part. Every few songs was meant to go with a particular theme, so it makes sense why Kanye was so adement of having the screen fixed. The themes were “Fighting,” “Rising,” “Falling,” “Searching,” and “Finding.” During the show, he went back and forth between his triangular stage and mountain, that splits open for a very special guest.

The show started with On Sight. Kanye’s performers came on stage dressed in an all-white garb before him. After the first song he went into, on of my personal faves, New Slaves. Do you know those moments when you’re listening to a song and you think, “this is so fucking good. I can’t even imagine how intense this would be live”? Well, every time I listen to New Slaves I have one of those moments AND Kanye gave us all of the intensity on that track and more. The next song to give us that kind of energy came later in the evening for Blood on the Leaves. It’s another song that captivates me from beginning to …. well until there’s about 2 minutes left in the song. It’s around that time that that Kanye get’s a little too auto-tune happy and I hit “next” on my iPod.

Jesus Walks was another knockout performance. I’ll admit that I may be a little subjective, since it’s my favorite Kanye song. But the song was the highlight of the night for me. I, along with the whole arena, rapped the versus and chorus. While that song was the most intense, I would have to say the most creative part of the night came with Runaway. The performance was understated yet powerful. Kanye teased the audience with just the first few notes of the song for about 30 seconds before going into it. And then, during the rap/instrumental he started to talk about his frustrations to the crowd. Whether Kanye has a right to be frustrated for feeling that he is not taken seriously enough as a “creative genius” is not something I’m really sure about. I go back-and-forth with what he says and then get annoyed at myself for even giving him that much attention.

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The night ended with Bound 2. The music video might not be so hot but his performance of the song was amazing. While it wouldn’t have been the song I’d choose to end the concert, it was the best way for Mr. West to end his show, as a way of telling us he “Found” something that has given him peace … Kim Kardashian. The show officially ended with Kanye and his 12 performers turning their backs to the stage and kneeling to Jesus Christ. So there you have it. Kanye bows to no one except Jesus.

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