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Videogames In Real Life

Youtube has been highlighting a recent trend in videos – bring video games to life. The trend revolves around some of our favorite video game characters in Super Mario Brothers, Mirror’s Edge, Assassin’s Creed, and others, attempting parkour.

There’s a lot of Good in this World

We are often shown more negative stories than positive stories in the media. Stories that invoke fear and anger in us are more likely to sell papers. So when a happy stories grabs the attention of so many people, that in itself is just as refreshing and heartwarming as the story itself. Batkid is the story of a boy who is currently in remission from leukemia. The entire city of San Francisco rallied together to make Miles Scott’s dream come true. The people of SF planned events in which Batkid and his father went to different locations to fight crime. While he certainly saved some San Francisco victims, Batkid helped all of us too. I think little Miles is a great reminder of how special life is, how we must be grateful for everything we have and how many good people there are in this world.

What Millennials are Missing

A recent article on Thought Catalog, written by Clash McCoy, highlights the top 5 sitcoms the Gen Y missed out on. For those who are my age, it’s a great way to see the shows of our parents generation. For those a little older, it’s a great way to reminisce and see if you agree or disagree with Clash’s picks.


Mentors are incredibly beneficial no matter where you are in life. There is always someone who can guide you through whatever it is you need guiding. Of course, there are many situations where knowing someone is there, in case we need them, gives us enough comfort to plow through. Whether work or professional, young or old, mentors are great to have.


How often are you incredibly overwhelmed or sad about something going on in your life? Well, this website can fix it.


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