Boston – A few sections at a time.

This weekend was a great one. My father and stepmom came up to visit from New Jersey. Having my parents in Boston often allows me to at home, even if I’m really 260 miles away from it.

Going to school in Boston has its advantages over colleges in less urban areas. Whether my parents are here or I’m going out with my friends, having plenty of places to go day or night makes the city seem endless. I sometimes think of how my college experience would’ve been different had I gone to Fordham University. An excellent school without a doubt, but walk farther than 4-5 blocks away from the school and you’ll start fearing for your safety (it’s not in the best area of the Bronx). Don’t get me wrong, Boston isn’t immune to violence (I don’t think any of us need to be reminded of the incidents during this year’s Boston Marathon.) But Boston is this perfect combination of metro city and quaint town, a characteristic that NYC districts have, but the city as a whole does not. As my time here nears an end, I’ve become more eager to see what Boston has to offer.

Fenway area 

One of my favorite areas of Boston. Lots of bars, good food and really convenient. The atmosphere during baseball season can’t be beat. One of my favorite places in the area is Yard House. It’s got a good feel, a large beer selection and great food. I’ve also recently discovered the Baseball Tavern, where I watched the last game of the World Series. The atmosphere is very casual but as a college student, there are times when that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Plus, some of the tap beer is pretty cheap … college students, can I get an AMEN?!?!


I mean, come on, it’s Newbury Street. Boston’s 5th Avenue is not as grand nor as pretentious as its New York counterpart but neither is anything else in Boston, and that’s part of what gives this city its charm. Stores from line the sidewalks as natives, tourists and foreigners walk around, eat and shop. I’ll tell you, there’s no place like Boston during fall and few places in the city show this better than Newbury.

My parents and I ate at Trident Café for lunch last Saturday. This is, by far, one of my favorite places in Boston. That’s because it’s part restaurant and part book store. I’m telling you, this kind of stuff is right up my ally. I love reading and I love eating so it’s my heaven on Earth. In all seriousness though, the atmosphere is very casual, the food is good and the prices are cheap. Trident definitely deserves some love!


Okay, so it’s technically not Boston but I’m going to write about it anyway. I’ve only been to Cambridge a handful of times, including the ever-so-embarrassing freshman year Finals Club parties … (ugh I’m so glad freshman year is behind me.) Cambridge though, has so much to offer. There are great restaurants, bars and shops, especially in the Harvard Square area. Coming back here ASAP. (Side note: the amount of times I say I’m going to go somewhere and never actually do is embarrassingly high … am I the only one?) If anyone has recommendations about great places in Cambridge I would love it if you would contact me and let me know what they are! I’m trying to get as much out of my last year here as I possibly can.

South End

Although it’s not super easy to get to from where I live in Boston, the South End is great. It too has a lot of great bars and restaurants (I don’t know anything about the shopping.) The streets, especially the side streets, are quintessential Boston: brick buildings one right after the other, parks for children and even brick sidewalks. My parents and I ended their weekend here at The Beehive, one of my new favorite places in Boston. It’s a restaurant on Tremont St. that appeals to peoples’ gustatory and auditory senses. There’s a live band that plays while people dine. During brunch, it’s a light jazz ensemble but I believe during dinner and after hours the music picks up.

Until next time



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